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Yes, it’s clutter, but it’s crafty clutter January 15, 2010

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Just thought I’d share a photo of my crafty corner of the lounge room at the moment.

I decided I was sick of sewing in the back room because I can only do it if both the kids are asleep and it made me feel all antisocial. So I’ve colonised a corner of the lounge room and I keep dragging more and more crap in there, like some kind of fabric obsessed demented pack rat.

At the moment the sewing machine is back in the other room as I’m in the sketching, cutting and ironing phase of the Making Stuff Process. It has been replaced by boxes full of laminate and fusible fleece – and a bunch of other stuff I piled on top, because that makes the floor tidier – and piles of fabric, some of which has been cut into pieces. And the ironing board.

Mixed up in that pile of neatly ironed pieces are ten hats waiting to be stitched together and a bunch of bits for Super Secret Project that Alex and I are working on. It’s all very mysterious and I am giving the computer my most inscrutable and knowing look even as I type.

People keep asking me how I manage to do all this crafty stuff and have two wee children as well. And the photos are in part to answer that: in steps. I have to break everything down into little bits and do a bunch of little bits here and there where I can. Like cutting everything out over a couple of evenings. Then ironing all the interfacing over a couple of evenings. And another day, maybe while the kids watch a film or some Beebies, I can start sewing a few bits here and there.

And I don’t sleep a great deal either, so I get some stuff done in the middle of the night when the kids have finally crashed. Although I really need to train myself out of that habit and try and make myself better at sleeping. One of these days, eh.

Anyway, I feel the call of the ironing board.

I worked out this morning that ten hats means: 5 outer shell pieces, 5 lining pieces and 5 pieces of interfacing per hat. 150 bits of ironing to do. And that’s not counting the bits for the Mysterious Secret Project as well. Sigh.

Best get cracking, eh.



2 Responses to “Yes, it’s clutter, but it’s crafty clutter”

  1. Gina Says:

    You’re not doing anything by halves are you? 150 bits of things? Ugh. I don’t think I’d suit production-line sewing.

    I approve of cluttering up the loungeroom with crafty bits, I don’t think I’d ever use a ‘studio’ even if I had one!

    • *grin*
      Nope, we’re a bit full on around here! I’m really still finding my feet with it all and until we figure out what bits of mine will shift and what won’t, we’re trying this that and the other. The hats are the one thing I’ve made so far where every single one has sold, in some cases before I’ve even finished making them!

      I like working in the loungeroom, I like being in there with the kids while they’re playing, and I like that they see all the fabric and can chat to me while I’m working.
      I quite like the idea of a studio, but for me I would rather have sewing/playroom, so the kids would be part of the action.

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