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New Shinies! January 20, 2010

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Big Birdie Bustle skirt kit in loganberry and lime.

Just got some new shiny things in the post, but they’re for me, not for you!

Clothkits have been having a sale and I get their newsletter, so I just could not resist these beauties.

I’ve been eyeing this up for ages. Talk about a different skirt construction, this baby has a bustle. Not sure if it’ll work on me, but heck, I’ll give it a shot! Check out the tape measure ribbon too. And the lining is a Liberty print.

This was super cheap as it’s a slight second. The print depicts Trellick Tower . Let’s be

honest, which of us hasn’t woken up in the morning and thought, ‘Today, I’d like to wear a landmark on my arse?’

And now, one of us can. Well, once I finish sewing it up, any way. Have to go buy a matching zipper though as this one didn’t come as a kit.

Trellick Tower skirt

And finally, just to show that I’ve not just been mooching about on the internet spending my hard earned pennies (heh)  here’s a hat I have just about finished:

Needs ironing and top stitching, but otherwise not too far off being done. Esme quite likes it, so I may have a fight on my hands to get it back from her to finish it off.

It was originally adult sized but I wasn’t sure there were too many grown ups  who’d want to wear an alphabet dinosaurs hat (other than me, and I have a hat already. It has loolipop trees all over it.) I could be wrong, if so and you would like one in your size, just email me! I quite like being proved wrong on such matters.

This is the hat I’m working on at the moment. The cap part is finished, I’m just re-shaping the brim to fit it. This one is made from turquoise stripy fabric and is adult sized. It even

fits my ginormous bonce, so it should fit anything up to a 25 inch head when it’s done.

Half finished adult sized turquoise stripy hat

Dinosaur print, toddler/child hat

I couldn’t get a decent shot of it on my own noggin (big hair and bad skin day) so Esme

agreed to model it, under duress. I think she’s chosen quite a jaunty angle. Youcould wear it like so. Drool and dirty nappy are optional, obviously.

And now I must run and collect Daughter One from pre-school, and go have lunch with Alex and her friend Claire.  Gosh, what a social butterfly!



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