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Because we don’t do things by halves… January 22, 2010

Filed under: markets — thebotheredowl @ 4:42 pm

Spur of the moment (thanks, Twitter) we’ve decided to go take part in a sort of guerilla pop-up craft market tomorrow afternoon, in Brixton. We went over to Brixton last week, scouting for a market we never found, but this one looks super shiny and you should all come and visit us and buy something lovely!

Details are good:

This is the website for the people who are organising the event.

And a map of how to find the market can be found here.

We’ll be there with our shiny wares from 10.30am to set up but the market opens at 11am.

And now, I must go make sure that the Giant Black Suitcase of Doooom is packed. Hurrah for Chance!


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