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Dear Brixton January 24, 2010

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Dear Brixton,

We know we’ve only just met but … we think we love you.


Sarah and Alex.

The pop up craft market over in Brixton was great fun today. Although it was flipping freezing and slowish at first, by mid-afternoon we had a steady stream of lovely people to talk to and quite a few of them bought stuff, which is always an added bonus, really :->

Some pics:

Lego goodies on display

Brixton Village

The building is part of the market, but it’s the bit that gets the least footfall, hence it has lots of

empty shops. It has a gorgeous ceiling of glass, so the light was wonderful all day. It was so nice to be in a space that felt so big and roomy. People had plenty of space to stop and look at stuff without feeling squished and crowded, and it was a great environment to work in because you could see what you were doing.

And yes, that is me with crazy hair working away on our stall.

Alex got these great little boxes for the jewellery and it just makes the display on the stall so much easier and more

All crazy hair, all the time

professional. Plus we can just box stuff up for customers quickly and safely.

The shop behind us is empty at the moment, being done up for a new business to go in there as part of the spacemaker project. So we took advantage of it and stuck things to the window!  We didn’t sell any bibs today but people admired them and they looked really pretty.

Lego galore!

And in a stroke of massive good fortune there was a big piece of string hanging from a nail, right behind our stall. So out came the storm pegs and up went three of the biggest bags. Displaying them clearly has always been a struggle because they are so large it’s hard to find a space for them to be properly visible. Not an issue today. They looked awesome dangling on the wall. And we sold the Apple Owls tote bag to a really lovely lady. So hurrah for that!

We were very lucky today and were able to spread out across two tables, which was a real godsend in terms of display.

The stall was really colourful and I hope it looked inviting.  People seemed to have fun rummaging around in the baskets and finding stuff, so hopefully it was.

Pretty bibs all in a row

And there’s the stall in its entirety. With me stitching away like a lunatic.

Quilted fabric coasters

Next to us is the lovely Henrietta who screenprints and handpaints tshirts and bags and all sorts of beautiful things. I think Alex picked up a card so I shall endeavour to do a link to her stuff because it really is awesome.

And can I just say thanks Alex, for catching me at my absolute dorkiest! I think I even have my tongue poking out in this one.

All in all it was a fun day, even the bits where people kept coming and poking us with cameras and recording stuff (really offputting when you’re trying to sew, for the record).

We were really chuffed with the response to our stuff, and so happy that some of it went home with new owners. Especially the Apple Owls bag. The lady who bought it was just so lovely and she said that shewanted to buy it because it was handmade. Alex said she just wanted to give her a big smooch when she said that! It made our day.

Bright and cheery wares

Fabric flowers a-go-go

While we were busy selling stuff, Scott went scouting and discovered an awesome secondhand bookshop nearby and had fun pretending to be Bernard Black. He and Alex found a great Japanese restaurant and I found a lovely Morrocan place with fabulous lentil soup and baba ganooj. We chatted to lovely crafty people and got to see an earring made out of a chocolate, specifically so you could snack on your outfit.And our first sale of the day was to lovely Jacqueline who has asked us to make her a card holder. I am quite looking forward to getting cracking on that one, as the fabric she’s chosen is some of my favourite.

So, thank you Brixton. You were good to us today and I think we’ll be back.



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