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In passing and apropos of nothing January 24, 2010

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We discovered a new use for the little zippered purses I make, yesterday. Courtesy of the lovely lady who bought the Apple Owls bag, we have discovered that some of the smaller purses make fabulous cases for ‘tomtoms’. You know, those little personal navigation devices. They fit snugly and beautifully inside the zippered purses. Delighted!

I’m just messing about with photos at the moment. I’ve been trying for ages to get some photos of the pouches and purses that don’t just suck. Every one I’ve taken so far has just been so BLAH. I got a few this evening that are okay, using a raffia work basket as a background. The natural colour behind kind of lifts it a bit but they still just don’t look as nice as they should.

I’ve also been busy photographing all the flower brooches and some cute little tongue in cheek Valentine’s brooches. They are what I was working on on Saturday at Brixton and they look like this:

Personally, I hate Valentine’s Day as I was always the bookish plump plain girl at school with no boyfriend. (Although lovely Gina and I used to make each other simply delightful tiny Valentine’s cards with poems about eating snot. Still got that one somewhere, Gina.)

I thought it might be fun to have a slightly tongue in cheek Valentine. My favourites so far are the skeletons, but I am in the middle of stitching up one with a really cute little owl in the middle.

And now, back to the photo-jiggery.



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