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Check it out! January 26, 2010

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Look what I found on Twitter:

A lovely little video from the pop up craft fair at Brixton.

Good choice of music too :->

Alex and I spent all afternoon yesterday sorting through the Stash for a special upcoming project and realising just how much fabric I actually have. The answer is: a frightening amount. But it’s all earmarked for our Super Sekrit Project, so the other answer is: Not Enough! Mwahaha.


Not much else to offer right now, both kids are unwell again so instead of getting to go to pre-school and then to Orlaith’s friend’s house for lunch – our first proper play date – we’re playing puzzles and tangrams on the lounge room floor and guzzling baby paracetamol. Creativity of a different sort, I guess.


ETA: There are also a bunch of pics here which give you a really good feel for what the pop up fair was like and also what the space at Brixton is like in general.  I particularly love the one of the woman working on her sewing machine whilst eating cake in the middle of the market. If I could have, I would have too! And the ones of the womenworking together at the patchwork workshop. Beautiful!


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