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This just in: Sarah has an addiction January 26, 2010

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My name is Sarah and I am a fabric addict. Look what arrived in the post this afternoon:


Not so plains

But don’t criticise me, these were totally legitimate purchases, for specific projects with Alex’s blessing. Really, they were.

We’re completely out of plain bright cottons. We use these all the time, they make wonderful bag and purse linings for when you want something with a bit more pizazz than calico. Not that I’m dissing calico, you understand, it’s wonderful stuff, it’s just sometimes you want something that pops.

The other fabric is a bit more of the gorgeous Japanese wool dyed gingham I used to make these:

The buttons were bought from the Textile Garden stall at the iKnit Weekender. I’ve been waiting for the right project for them and they just blend so beautifully with the bone coloured Japanese linen I used for the top section and lining of these bags.


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