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Mmm, punctuation January 29, 2010

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As a former English teacher I have a slightly unhealthy love of punctuation. Like many, the ampersand is my absolute favourite punctuation mark. (Closely followed by the semi-colon.) It is swoopy and curvy and just… elegant.

And now it is also wearable.

It took me all evening to make but I finished it.  Cutting the holes in the middle was difficult, I needed to get the shape right so it would still look swoopy. And then blanket stitching everything in place was just tedious.The little owls are separate pieces of fabric that I pinned behind each hole and then stitched in place. I think they look rather sweet.

Tomorrow I shall wear my ampersand with persnicketty punctuation nerd pride.

Next up, the semi-colon and perhaps an embroidered sampler explaining the precise use of the apostrophe…



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