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Works (about to be) in progress January 31, 2010

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With Esme being ill and thus not napping unless in physical contact with me, getting any work done has been a bit of a challenge the last few days. It’s been all small lapbased handsewing or knitting of late.

Last night however, she hoodlummed round the loungeroom and I got to do some cutting. No idea when I’ll get to actually sew any of what I cut up, but it’s a start.

All intended to become sock/yarn pouches. There’s a couple of really nice patchwork pieces in the offing, all made from coordinating Moda fabrics, and a few other bits and pieces. I’m quite looking forward to putting these together. I’ve refined the design I used for the ones for the Stitch and Bitch London comptetition and I think these will be even better. I’m planning on including a pocket for extra DPNs and notions as well.

The above two photos offer a glimpse at The Stash. I have three boxes of ‘scraps’ in varying sizes and one massive tub full of fat quarters of varying fabric. Most of it is intended for specific projects, so it’s kind of like sock yarn in that I don’t really think of it as stash.

(And I’m not showing you my sock yarn stash because it’s just embarrassing how much I have. Three enormous tubs full of yarn and I would still happily buy more. What if all the sheep die out and there is no more yarn? At least this way, I’ll be able to keep knitting for a couple of years before I run out. Thinking ahead, see? )


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