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Three little pouches, all in a row February 7, 2010

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Jake buggered off for an hour or so with the kids this afternoon and I got cracking at the sewing machine.

In the time he was out I finished one pouch, and since I was on a roll, I managed to get him to distract the offspring a little bit longer with some remarkably silly dancing and storytelling, and I whipped up another two.

I am REALLY pleased with these. They are reversible, really funky and ultra-useful. They’re intended to be mainly for sock or lace knitting, but they are quite generously sized and you could probably fit a larger project in there. I finished each one off with a satin ribbon and one of my own handmade stitch markers. (Why, yes, I too make stitch markers. They’re just not quite as exciting or adventurous as Alex’s. And I don’t enjoy it as much as sewing.)


The tiny pockets are just the right size for double pointed needles (or pens or make up brushes, whatever floats your boat.) I think they look fab.

Now I just need to finish the other bajillion of them and start getting them listed.


2 Responses to “Three little pouches, all in a row”

  1. They are gorgeous! I love your funky pouches!

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