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Exhausting but useful day February 9, 2010

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Alex and I had a really long but very handy day. We met some new people and drank tea and then we trekked in the snow (no, not like your grandfather) into central London to go to MacCulloch & Wallis.

Oh, wow. Like an Aladdin’s Cave. And we only really had a look on one floor. So much beautiful fabric, and the lady who helped us was lovely. Will definitely be buying from there again.

We bought a massive amount of brightly coloured poplin which is currently drying on my radiators, so my house looks like an explosion in a paint factory. We got the most beautiful oranges, purples, blues… basically if it was zippy and looked like it would match with one of our prints, it got to come home in the big shiny bag with us.

Also bought some lovely indigo denim, also intended to become project bags. I’m thinking a lovely flat bottomed basket style bag with nice fat cloth handles and a neat little needle pocket… Ahem. Must stop thinking about fabric and go to sleep.

Anyway, the other reason for posting at this insane hour of the night is that I’ve just listed the latest batch of knitting pouches on both Folksy and Etsy, so go check them out! I will get around to adding them to Coriandr, maybe tomorrow.

Incidentally, quick poll, of the three shop sites that we use, which ones do you guys actually buy off? Comments would be very welcome, it’s useful to know which ones you prefer.

Right, I really must go get some sleep.


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