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Please send help… February 10, 2010

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… I am trapped beneath the weight of my gigantic groaning Stash. Oh my God, I have got to stop going on Ebay…

Mystery FQ pack

Ebay lovelies

Fabric Rehab, my a*se


And finally, the haul from our trip to MacCulloch and Wallis the other day, some of which has already found its way to the scissors of DEATH:

Many colours in the fabric rainbow...

Just so you don’t think it’s all internet profligacy and so you know I’m not just eating peeled grapes whilst reclining on a mound of material, here is a picture of what I started working on last night:

Purple skullies

I’ve been doing a few purses by hand, this is the pocket of the latest one. There will eventually be a pouch in matching fabric. When it’s finished the purse will look like this one.

I’m particularly pleased with the teeny tiny pockets, I think they look good and they will also solve the problem of never being able to find a stitch marker. Mine always roll around inside my knitting purse and get tangled up in stuff.



3 Responses to “Please send help…”

  1. Haha I totally know the feeling. I like to buy fabric in about a 5-1 ratio of fabric to completed projects. 🙂 I love that whale fabric – so sweet!

    • Isn’t it lovely? It’s called ‘Snorkel’, I think. They have it over at Fabric Rehab, I think it’s from a new range.
      (Not that I’m enabling your stash buying in any way at all…)

      I figure, like with sock yarn, if they ever stop manufacturing fabric, like when the zombie apocalypse comes, I’ll be prepared for the crucial gap between the end of manufacturing, and me learning how to make fabric out of nettles and twigs!

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