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Stitch and Bitch London need a new name… February 17, 2010

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Maybe something like,  Stitch and Welcoming and Lovely London? A little wordy perhaps but accurate.

Alex and I popped along this evening to do a little schmoozing and get some feedback on our bits and bobs. I am totally rubbish at this kind of thing, I get really nervous and start babbling like some kind of village idiot. But you know what, no one tried to set us on fire and every one was really friendly and nice. I didn’t get a chance to do any knitting, sadly, but I did get to sit and chat with lots of lovely people and someone bought a yarn pouch off us because she liked the fabric so much!

Most importantly though, everyone we talked to gave us loads of feedback, loads of suggestions for improvements or tweaks, and loads of ideas for other things we should be making. It was an amazingly helpful evening and I am really grateful to the Stitch and Bitchers for being so accommodating because I felt like a complete idiot wandering around with my pimping hat on.

So yay for Stitch and Bitch London, long may you teach newbies the wonders of wool.We will try and come back soon, leaving our pimp hats at home. Maybe we will even get wild and actually bring along some projects to work on. *gasp*

In other, slightly less exciting news (well, it was exciting for me and it’s my blog, so ner ner ner) it was SUNNY today for the first time in what feels like months, so I grabbed the camera and dashed outside to photograph absolutely everything in real sunshine. There were even some beautiful tiny purple flowers (crocuses? cyclamens? *shrug*) peeking through the grass so I managed to get what I hope were some decent shots of bags and pouches and so forth. Hopefully I should be able to upload them shortly and the shop will start looking prettier. Well, my part of it. Alex’s stuff already looks pretty.

The kids were so happy to be able to play outside. They rolled in puddles and got soaked to the bone and we blew bubbles and made Vitamin D. Hurrah for not getting rickets.



2 Responses to “Stitch and Bitch London need a new name…”

  1. Am trying to think of a way to fit new name on a badge…

    Thanks for coming. Fabulous to meet you. 🙂

    Deadly Knitshade xx

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