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A little light relief February 19, 2010

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The last few weeks it’s been all show show show preparation round here and my ambition of making myself some clothes has been put on hold.

No longer. I woke up this morning determined to have something fancy to wear to my MIL’s birthday lunch tomorrow.

Last year I took a couple of dressmaking/pattern alteration lessons which went absolutely nowhere. I didn’t learn how to alter patterns and I ended up left with a 3/4 completed kimono dress which has subsequently sat unloved and unfinished in a plastic bag on top of my stash in the back room.

Sad unloved jersey fabric. So red.

The pattern I am altering

So today, like a fool, I am throwing myself in at the deep end. I come armed with pins, scissors, polyester thread and bobbin elastic. I hope to end the day with a decent, wearble garment. Watch this space, folks. I suspect this could get ugly. There may even be… language. But I intend to go to the ball in a shiny frock, even if it kills me.

Oh and I cut up a bunch of fabric for hats and bibs and stuff yesterday so I feel like I’m on top of things prep wise, so no scolding, Alex!



I’ve now finished the neckline and even done the back reduction – the dressmaker didn’t actually measure my back, she just looked at me, looked at the pattern and obviously thought “wow, you’re a lot bigger than that pattern. Let’s make you a circus tent.” When we pinned it together, we discovered three or four inches of back fabric that needed to be removed. I’ve done that.

What’s stymied me is that, despite me mentioning that I thought the skirt looked a bit huge, she ignored me and we went with her measurements. I now have a skirt that is 8 to 12 inches wider than the bodice of my dress and I have no idea what to do now. I think I may go have a little cry. Then I shall have a little think. And then I shall fix the problem and remind myself not to go sign up for more dressmaking lessons there.



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