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Error, does not compute. February 19, 2010

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I was going really well, the neckline looks smashing:

Neatly sewn neckline

So much red. And neat neat sewing

And then, I tried to pin the skirt to the bodice. And this is what I discovered:

Um, my waist? Not that big.

This is so not fixable with clear gathering elastic. Sigh. That right there, that is about a FOOT of extra fabric. Give or take an inch. A whole foot of fabric that I need to do something about.

The thing that is making me really angry about all this is that I am not a dressmaker and even I could see that it was being cut wrong. And I said so. And the person teaching the lesson ignored what I said and went ahead and cut the fabric anyway. Which now means I have to waste a whole foot of fabric that I could have used for something else. I’ve got *almost* enough for another whole dress, if she hadn’t messed up the measurements, I WOULD have enough for another dress. GAH.

I think I have a solution in mind that doesn’t involve setting fire to the dress and walking away. It will however involve some pins and sharp sharp scissors. And a lot of swearing.



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