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Prototypical February 24, 2010

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Following on from our trip to Stitch & Bitch London the other day, I’ve come up with a new design: a circular needle roll.

I think it looks quite cool, there’s a few things I want to tweak, like adding in an extra row of pockets, but I’m quite pleased with how it’s turned out for now.

Any comments or suggestions on this one will be most gratefully received. I’ve got about enough fabric left over to make a nice little matching yarn pouch, so it will most likely be available as part of a set soonish.



3 Responses to “Prototypical”

  1. Gina Says:

    That’s a cute idea, and I like the patched outer. Don’t speak knittish but it all sounds like a plan. I love how you now sew mainly knitting stuff – you’re a duffer.

    Now a comment about your pictures. I can’t really see the pictures all that clearly to distinguish what goes where. Is there any way you can get them bigger? Or at least chuck the important items on a white background so the details are more visible? I downloaded Picassa from the interwebs and it’s good for cropping and brightening pictures etc… but blogger is also rather easy to upload pictures to, so I don’t have to do anything execpt choose the position and viewing size. Hope you don’t mind the feedback – I’d just like a closer squizz at your shinies!

    • I am a duffer, it is true :->

      Thanks for the photo feedback. I am rubbish at photography. I will check out Picassa, hopefully it is easy to use?

      • Downloaded Picasa and I’ve edited and cleaned up the photos. If you click on the wee thumbnails (can’t get them any bigger in the main post for some reason) you can see them a bit better.

        Now I have to go figure out how to make Picasa do shiny things!

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