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Briefly blogging, blah blah blah February 26, 2010

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Just popping by briefly. My camera battery has died and I can’t find the charger, so no creative space from us this week, sadly.

Nor can I share photos of the pretty skirt I finished the other day for my MIL’s birthday lunch, or the beautiful red floral/ denim bucket bag I made, or the tiny zippered purses I’ve been handstitching. Some of them have mermaids on them!

Alex is coming over tomorrow to help me create a monster of a birthday cake for a certain curly haired child who is turning four. I invited a couple of her friends round for Sunday afternoon as well. No idea if any of them can make it, as I only thought to mention it today, but we shall see. Orlaith’s enormously excited about her birthday this year, so really anything that happens on it will be the Most Amazing Thing Ever as far as she is concerned.

We’re also going to have a bit of a sewing bee. With Bentley Priory Spring Fair happening next week and the ever looming mountain of work for Knit Nation (gulp) we’re planning on having a bit of a blitz. If we both cut fabric and Alex does the ironing for me, I can sit and sew all morning, once the cake’s in the oven. So hopefully, the Everest of fabric will be slightly reduced by tomorrow afternoon, to be replaced with a sort of Ben Nevis of finished items. (What? I couldn’t think of any other really tall mountains of the top of my head.)

Speaking of sewing, I really must go and do some. The kids are playing happily, the machine’s inteh corner of the lounge room and I finished all but the final two seams of a bag yesterday. I hear it plaintively calling my name…



4 Responses to “Briefly blogging, blah blah blah”

  1. Nicole Says:

    “..certain curly haired child who is turning four.”

    WHAT. How did that happen. It feels like not that long ago I was gifting her a pirate outfit for her 2nd. Jeeeeeez.

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