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Long day’s journey into… longer night. February 27, 2010

Filed under: General Crafty Chat — thebotheredowl @ 9:19 pm

Totally exhausted this evening. Cannot be bothered to form full sentences.

Tomorrow’s Orlaith’s 4th birthday. So today has been spent on making birthday cakes, buying supplies for party bags, maniacally tidying (which I’m taking a  brief break from to type this) and, oddly and incongruously, sewing. A lot.

Alex & I had the first of what should hopefully be a number of sewing bees. Didn’t get a massive amount done, due to the aforementioned cake-making, but Alex extended the lines of my smaller yarn pouch to make a template for a pouch that can hold straight knitting needles. We’ve cut out a couple of those and Alex got a chance to have a look in person at my cicular needle case design. It got a thumb’s up, so I’ll try and crank out a proper template for that too, so we can get rolling a bit more.

As well as all that, I managed to finish off four or five more yarn pouches today. Add that to the couple I did through the week, and the needle case and bag I made, and that brings me up to speed for the week.

(We worked out we need to make at least 5 items per week between now and July to have enough stock.  Mmm, quotas. We’re our own personal sweat shop. Sigh.)

And now I return you to whatever the heck you’re up to, and I go back to tidying like a fiend. Blah.



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