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My cup runneth over March 4, 2010

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Well, not so much my cup as my nasal orifices, but you get the picture. I feel craptastic.

To cheer me up though, we made our first ever internet sale of a bag yesterday. The beautiful blue bucket bag that I made the other week sold, so it will be sent off along with a nice little packet of stitch markers shortly. Probably tomorrow as I have to coordinate picking up the stitchmarkers from Alex. It’s all much more difficult when Alex is working, I can’t just run up the road to her house and raid her lego stash!

Well, I could, but the burglar alarm would go off.

I still have no workign camera so I can’t show you pics of what I’m working on this week, sadly. I’ve been raiding my stash box for small useful scraps and patching them together to make some really lovely little zippered purses. Goes to show you should never throw anything out. My hoarding is suddenly justified!

The one I am working on at the moment has electric yellow lining and pink polka dots mixed up with some bright yellow flowers on the outside. Sounds hideous, I know, but in person it just POPS! As soon as I either find the camera charger or give in and fork out for a new one, I will post some pics.

Don’t forget, London type folk, this Saturday I will be dragging my sorry and capacious arse out of bed to make my way to North London (horrors, I’m South London all the way.) So come and visit me at Bentley Priory Spring Fair. It should be a fun day and there will be loads of exciting stuff to see. Starts at about 10 am and finishes at 5pm.  Do come and say hi, I will try not to sneeze on you.



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