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Pack a party bag March 5, 2010

Filed under: markets — thebotheredowl @ 10:10 pm

Mine’s just about packed.

I’ve done the stocktake, typed my stock list for ticking off any sales (fingers crossed!). My clothes are in the wash, I’ll hang them on the radiator to dry over night so they’ll be all fresh and shiny in the morning. Mm, clean clothes! I’m just considering what to take with me by way of amusements for any lull period. Sewing or knitting? Maybe both.

I know that over at her place, Alex is busy going through the exact same thing in her head, checking off this big list of Stuff We Must Remember, taking photographs of stock, writing notes, stashing away bits and pieces of kit.

If you do come by tomorrow to visit us, make sure you mention you read the blog or twitter or Facebook etc. There may be some kind of nice surprise for you :->

And now, I must go continue to madly stash things in my suitcase and handbag. Early to bed tonight (hopefully) and very early to rise in the morning.



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