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Bentley Priory March 8, 2010

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Despite the fact that I will never ever try driving in North London again (Thanks, Jake, for coming to collect me) we had a fun day, the fair was thronging and we did okay. Had a few hairy hours at the start when I was panicking a little, thinking we’d misjudged it and we weren’t going to sell a thing, but by mid-afternoon we were doing a … well, not quite a roaring trade, more a sort of low growl.

Met some lovely people though, including the very deligthful Dawn, from London Clay Birds. Her stuff is amazing so you should all go and check it out here. I love the fact that the birds are made from London itself. They look beautiful and I am debating whether or not I may buy one for myself. Maybe when I eventually get around to tidying my house up and have a mantel piece that isn’t covered in crap?

In happy news, my new camera charger has arrived. I’m hoping that my battery will be revivable, it’s been on charging for a couple of hours and the light is still red. I’m hoping it’s just REALLY thirsty for electro-juice and it will soon be powering my little camera again. I’ve got lots of things I want to show you and it’s terribly frustrating to have no clicky picture taker.

Yikes, it’s almost pre-school throwing out time so I must don my coat and brave the chilly outside. Esme’s crashed in the pram without her coat on, but I’ve wrapped her in two thicknesses of baby duvet/quilt, so I think she should survive the walk without frost bite.

Tallyho, etcetera.



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