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Busy, busy March 13, 2010

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Just popping in (at 1 am. Because that’s normal.) to show you some photos of what I’m up to this evening.

Alex is out having a wonderful time ( I hope) strolling through the Thames tunnel for her birthday, and I am sitting here, unable to sleep for no apparent reason, and chopping up fabric like a crazy person.

I’ve made five bags so far this week, so if I can get a few more bits and pieces sewn up over the weekend I’m doing well. It’s a slow process, but I figure steady bursts of sustained activity are better than the manic last minute dash. My little stockpile is growing steadily. 20 bags, a bunch of little zippered purses and a couple of needle cases at the moment, with more cut out and ready to sew. We’ll get there.

And all of a sudden, on that note, I am really sleepy! I’m going to go crash before it wears off.


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