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Look at me, look at ME! March 15, 2010

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Check it out guys, we’re totally in a magazine!

I do love Yarn Forward. My usual excitement at finding my copy of it sitting on my doormat when I got home this afternoon was compounded by the fact I knew there was going to be a wee review of our stuff in there. And I believe we may be in Inside Crochet as well :-> Go team!

Also, a small cautionary knitting tale. Last night I tweeted that I was knitting, drinking tea and watching Supernatural. Feeling very smug, I got through about thirty rows of my lovely black cardigan.

Look at all those lines. I am so great. Go me.

I thought it looked a bit odd this morning.  But I was following the pattern, no? It must be correct. The fact it looked a little like a chimney, that must be a design feature.

And then just now I re-read the pattern while paying attention to something apart from Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki (ahem).

Check out all that scribbling out. I am riding the Fail Whale. Woe is me.

I had to rip out every single row I’d done because instead of decreasing on every second row, which would have given a long smooth even decrease, I’d been decreasing every single row. Which gave me something that looked a bit like a short fat chimney with a curvy bit.

Sigh. Here’s what’s left:

Sad, sad, ripped back left front of my cardigan, bereft of all its proud stitchery.

I am determined to be able to wear this over the summer. But then, since I am going to be spending the next four months sewing my way out from under the massive pile of crap in my ‘in-tray’ , that’s looking increasingly like pie in the sky. Bummer.

Right, I am determined to stop mucking about on the internets and actually go get some sleep so I can function properly tomorrow. The joy of not having enormous black bags under my eyes may once again be mine. One day. When the kids are grown up. Maybe.



4 Responses to “Look at me, look at ME!”

  1. Oooo. Get you and your fame. 🙂

  2. Gina Says:

    You made me laugh. OK, spurt water through my nostril. Thanks.

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