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Overwhelming March 16, 2010

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I’m going to be completely honest here: the looming prospect of a certain enormous knitting event is beginning to make me feel a little ill. Excited but ill. Like a rollercoaster.

Alex came over yesterday and ironed a bunch of interfacing onto some fabric for me. I would have done some sewing butI managed to slice my thumb up when I was putting up the ironing board and figured that no one really wanted me bleeding all over the beautiful fabric. It really doesn’t add anything. So instead I whimpered a bit, cooked dinner and enjoyed not being sat at my sewing machine!

This evening I’ve been carving up fabric ready to turn it all into pretty new bags and things. See:

It doesn’t look it now, but that’s six yarn pouches of varying sizes and a needle roll.  And yes, those ARE sock monkeys.

I’m going to bed.



3 Responses to “Overwhelming”

  1. Mary Says:

    What is a sock monkey?

  2. There’s some red fabric in the background of the picture that has sock monkeys dancing all over it.
    You can make sock monkeys by getting old pairs of socks, chopping them up and using different bits of them to make different parts of the monkey’s body. Then you embroider a cheeky face on it and stuff it with some kind of wadding. I don’t know the origin of them but I suspect it’s got something to do with not having a great deal of money to buy new toys so you use what you’ve got. They’re very cute!

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