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My (slightly) Creative Space March 18, 2010

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It’s been a few weeks since we’ve taken part in the fun over at Kirsty’s place.

I’m not feeling particularly creative this week. The fact that I’m currently making the same thing over and over (and over and… you get the idea) is making me feel like my own tiny personal sweatshop rather than a handicrafty person.

So instead of more pictures of yarn pouches and piles of fabric (although there are a few of those as well) I’m going to share some pictures of what IS making me feel inspired and creative: my poor long neglected garden.

For those of you like me stuck here in the UK, it has been one long cold Winter. Last year I was still able to harvest bits and pieces from my garden even in the depths of the cold and snow. My perpetual spinach was crazy, I had beans galore, it was awesome.

This year, not so much. The protacted cold and weeks of on again off again snow, meant the ground froze hard and most of my plants were buried beneath a layer of ice for much of the Winter. The only things still intact are some beetroots I accidentally over-wintered.

Sad beetroots

The broccoli I planted has all been ripped to shreds by the enormous wood pigeons who like to maraud in my veggie patch.

Pigeons love brassicas.

I planted cabbages last year and didn’t get to eat a single one because the pigeons decimated them. (Rats of the skies.)

But my order of seeds from the Real Seed company arrived yesterday and the sun is shining, so I’m feeling hopeful and looking forward to another year of dabbling at veggie gardening in whatever ‘spare time’ I may get. (Hah.)

Spring MUST be here!

She looks so angelic. She was busy chanting "poo" under her breath though.

And now because this IS a craft blog and it’s kind of obligatory, some photos of what I’m up to.

I’ve been beavering away at stuff for Knit Nation, obviously, and also working on a new bib design. Here you go:

Pretty little yarn pouches all in a row.

New triangular bib design

Tucked away underneath the soon-to-be bibs is a  massive pile of Knit Nation stuff awaiting ironing and sewing. There’s six or seven needle rolls and a massive mountain of yarn pouches. Not to mention the massive box of as yet un-finished sunhats sitting just out of shot. I need some extra arms and another sewing machine, please.

If I can convince the kids to play in the garden this afternoon, I shall be pottering away at the sewing machine which is set up right by the back door. Any one want to give me odds on me actually getting any work done today?



6 Responses to “My (slightly) Creative Space”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Did those beets ever take off? I still think they looked like candy in their picture.

    • They did not. I believe they perished in the Great Pigeon and Snow Disaster of 2009.

      • Nicole Says:

        Of course if i’d read this properly before my coffee I may have seen what you wrote above the picture. WHEE SLEEPY.

        That photo of Esme made me gasp. LOOKIT HOW BIG SHE IS.

      • Ah well, you see, some of them sprouted. Just not the ones with concentric circles. Those just kind of got devoured by caterpillars and pigeons.

        Esme is the world’s smalest giant.

  2. captaincaz Says:

    YAY! Excellent stuff – the post looks fantastic, as do the new seeds. Here’s hoping they’re more successful this year. Loving the yarn pouches too, will have to take a look at your Folksy pages.

    Dunderknit (AKA Captaincaz, AKA Caroline!)

    • I’m quite excited about the seeds. I got some lovely winter squashes last year from them which actually grew brilliantly. But they were harvested at the end of the Autumn. Everything else in the garden was just decimated by the snow and pigeons. Bloody pigeons!
      Thanks for your help with the photos :->

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