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My Creative Space March 25, 2010

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Hah! That’s a laugh! My Creative Space this week consists of flat pack furniture and piles of crap waiting to be rearranged so they are less pile-y and crappy and more tidy and neat. Fun, no. Necessary, yes.

I’ve been wanting a dedicated work area for a while. Even if sewing is kind of a side line for me, it’s nice to feel like I have some actual space in the house that is mine and where I can put my stuff without having to worry about tiny light fingered people having it away on their toes with my bits of precious.

So I poked Jake a bit and played up the fact that it will (hopefully) make the house Much Tidier. Less boxes of fabric every where, more room for the rest of the stuff we have piled up around the house to spread out. That kind of thing. And he kindly, after several months of gentle poking, drove out to a certain flat pack furniture outlet and ordered some stuff. And then he built it for me last night because it was big and heavy and I was ill and he likes hitting things with hammers. Or something.

Look at all that space, just for me!

Now I just have to figure out how to fit all this in there:

That in itself will be a creative act, I fear. Sigh. For some actual creative people go check out the linky down there on the right for Kirsty’s place.



8 Responses to “My Creative Space”

  1. val robinson Says:

    Looks impressive, be great to see another picture of it filled with all your treasures. If only I had space to put flatpack or anything else for that matter. Got craft stuff hidden all over the house, would probably take me 2 months to find it all, only to find that somebody else has made use of MY space.

    • *grin* It’s taken me a while to claw out this much space! Normally I just use a corner of the lounge room and a bunch of plastic tubs. I’m quite excited about filling it with all my bits and pieces. I just need to figure out how to organise it all so I can actually find everything. I’m not a terribly organised person (heh!) but I am one of those people who has to alphabetise things…

  2. Gina Says:

    You’re going to feel wonderful once all your gear is crammed onto those shelves. I mean, organised in neat, colour-ordered, alphabetised piles…

  3. Marisol Says:

    Having you own place is definitely important, I have a little corner with a chair but it makes all the difference. Good Luck with the revamp or your own little corner!

  4. Susan L Says:

    i can’t wait to see it all put away … maybe some of it packed into wicker baskets so it can’t be seen. make sure you post again when it’s done so we can share your achievement

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