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Ta-DAH March 26, 2010

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Check it out! It took me all day to do it, but I managed to fit 99% of my stuff inside the cabinet. Jake’s currently putting the glass doors on as the finishing touch but I wanted to show you how nice everything looks packed in.

There’s a more detailed explanation of each photo if you click on the thumbnail.

Someone suggeswted wicker baskets and so forth as extra storage options, I may yet dash out at some point and purchase some. But for now I am happy with my little plastic tubs. And once the doors are on and I can swing them shut and seal in all my stuff, I think I will feel rather smug and pleased with myself.

Huge thanks to Jake who actually put the cabinet together for me:

Jake and the wild and woolly denizens of Owl

He’s a superstar!

Tomorrow, he’s taking the girls out for adventures and Alex and I are supposed to be having a bit of a working bee. Then Sunday I am doing the Scissors Paper Rock fair over at Crystal Palace and Alex is off to the Country Living Fair to check out some of the stalls there and do a bit of a reccy for new ideas on how to display stuff on our own stall. Should be interesting.

Right, I am off to go inspect my shiny shiny new cabinet doors!



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