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Reading material March 29, 2010

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Oooh, look at that the new edition of UKHandmade is up. Do go and check it out, they are lovely folks and usually have some fabulous stuff in the magazine. (I refuse to use the word ‘zine’ or ‘web-izine’. I am not down with the kids.)

Also,I got this month’s Sew Hip mag through the front door this morning and I AM pleased I renewed my sub because it really has some fantastic articles in it this month. I won’t make a single item out of it because none of them are in my size (stupid chest) but it’s so nice to buy a craft mag that has some in-depth articles on the history of the craft. In this case two fascinating articles, one on Henry Moore’s fabric designs (Yes, THAT Henry Moore) and one on the history of feedsack fabric. I’ve heard the term feedsack fabric bandied about online but had no idea what it meant. Go buy the magazine and read all about it!

Now I’m off to go deal with tantrum-y toddlers and drink some tea. And possibly sneak a peak at UKHandmade.



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