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How to measure the circumference of your head April 9, 2010

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This might not be the way that every one does it, but it’s the way that I measure the kids’ heads when I make hats. And it seems to result in a nicely fitting hat, so I thought I would share because people keep asking me.

See how the tape measure is just sliiiightly loose?

Take your tape measure round the back of the head, over the ears and round the forehead. Not too snug because you want room for things like your ears and your hair. There’s no point making a hat that has no room for your lugs. That’s just painful and silly.

I believe this method will work whether you’re making a cloth hat or a knitted one. So there ya go!

I’m off to enjoy the sunshine that is currently beaming all over the place. I might do a little dibbing in the garden, I have seeds to get a-germinating. Then later on, if the kids are happy to carry on playing in the garden, I have a massive teetering pile of fabric pieces in my ‘in-tray’.

Have a lovely Friday!



2 Responses to “How to measure the circumference of your head”

  1. Gina Says:

    Awww, look, it’s YOU! Gorgeous. And thanks for head-measuring advice. Helps for those of us who have ginormous noggins.

  2. *preens* I couldn’t get either of the kids to sit still for long enough to get a photo.
    Thos of us iwth enormous heads have to stick together! No one else understands our pain :->

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