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Trying something new April 18, 2010

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I thought I’d have a crack at a new skirt pattern today. The sun is shining, Spring is in full flow and I’m feeling restless and a little frumpy after a Winter spent clomping around in my great big boots and sturdy denim skirts.

I’ve had this gorgeous Sevenberry fabric tucked away in my sewing cabinet for about a year now.

I love the rich colour and the wave/shell/fan kind of pattern.

I knew I wanted it to be a skirt but it needed to be something elegant and unusual. Something with a bit of swish to it. Not just another plain old boring A-line skirt.

I occasionally like to read Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing, wishing I could make some of the beautiful things she creates. And I found this tutorial for making a gathered skirt. It ticked all the boxes: swishy, elegant, not an A-line, a new construction I haven’t tried before.

Firstly let me say, the instructions couldn’t be clearer and the photos are extremely helpful. It’s taken me a fair few hours to finish the skirt but I have gotten it done in one morning. I confess that I cheated and instead of gathering with basting stitches, I used clear elastic tape. And I didn’t baste or sew any of it by hand, I did it all on the machine.

I think I did an okay job, considering I’ve not put a waist band in a skirt in over 10 years. And I’ve never made a skirt with gathering like this before. Sundresses for the kids, yes, but not a skirt. I think I did a good job on the hem, I pressed it and turned it under neatly and stitched in matching coloured thread and everything.

Having tried it on however, you are never ever going to see a picture of me wearing it because all those gathers and folds of fabric make me look like an escaped circus tent or a hot air balloon. Puffy and gathered with big hips does not equal elegant.

Oh well. I’m not too worried about it though. Although I can’t wear it,  I got to practice some new skills and I learned a lot about the construction of such garments through making it.

The fabric is too beautiful to leave it languishing in my cupboard so now I have catalogued my shame, it’ll be taking a trip to Rip City where it will be enjoying a romantic tryst with Mr Quick Unpick. After which I suspect it may well find a new life as a boring but flattering A-line skirt.

And now I am off  to enjoy the rest of the afternoon in the glorious sunshine.



2 Responses to “Trying something new”

  1. Rosie Says:

    Where is the Lego?

    • Ah, see, Alex does the Lego, I do the sewing. I keep poking Alex to write more for the blog, but she also has a day job so I’m usually the one who ends up writing the blog. Hence the lack of Lego on the blog lately. I’ll keep poking her, hopefully she’ll have time to do some writing soon.

      There’s loads of Lego in the shop though! And lots of pics of Alex’s stuff over on our main website: or on our Flickr account.


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