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Custom Order April 25, 2010

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I finished these on Thursday evening and as always I like to share.

The order was for a trio of hats, slightly different to my usual ones. The two child sized hats needed to have elastic bungee cord drawstrings under the chin to keep them on. Not so dificult. The real challenge was the adult sized hat which had to be reversible. (I like doing reversible things. They’re fun! They do cost somewhat more though.)

Here’s how they turned out:

I’m particularly pleased with the reversible one. I normally shy away from large bold florals, being almost 6ft tall and on the curvier side of the fence they tend to make me look a little like mobile sofa. But for this hat and with the yellow fabric to complement it, the pattern and the colours really worked well.

I had planned on using metal eyelets to make airholes and to attach the chin straps. Unfortunately the eyelets I had in stock were rubbish and wouldn’t even go through my practice fabric. So instead I stitched the cord directly to the hat brim and then covered the stitching with a doubled over piece of lining fabric which I blindstitched in place to achieve a nice smooth finish. If I do another one with a chin strap I think I would just insert it when I sew the middle brim to the outer brim. Much easier and even smoother.

I made five more hats yesterday, four baby to Esme sized ones, one Orlaith sized one. Or if you want that with numerical values attached,  four of them will fit a bub with a head up to 19 inches in circumference, one will fit a kid with a head up to about 20-21 inches.

Don’t forget that Alex and I will be peddling our wares at the Dulwich Festival Fair in a couple of weeks. There will be masses of fabulous Lego jewellery of all descriptions, plus bags, bibs and hats galore.  Not to mention a whole array of other amazing crafts people to ogle.

I’m in the middle of picking my disastrous gathered skirt to pieces and re-cutting it so it’s slightly more fab and less flab and then I think I might finish off the rest of my pile of hats.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, people.



One Response to “Custom Order”

  1. Lisa Goldzieher Says:

    tHE Hats are looking fantastic!!!! Sarah they look so good. Wow!

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