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Away, away May 1, 2010

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I’m out of here for a week or so. Not that I’ve been posting much but jsut in case you want to put in a custom order for anything.  Alex will still be around and about to fulfill all your shiny happy Lego requirements but there will be no sewing, NONE, for a whole week. Gosh, how will you stand it?

Wales, here I come! BYEEEEEE



2 Responses to “Away, away”

  1. arianna Says:

    Huuuu!!!!! I’d love to see Wales, never been there…will you post some pics? and a week off…sounds refreshing..! Enjoy and give us other cuties soon 🙂

  2. Hee! I’ve never been either and I can’t wait!
    I will try and take some pics while I’m there. I’m looking forward to recharging the old batteries, hey!

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