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Home again, let’s hit the ground running May 8, 2010

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Had a great few days away in Wales. Came back early due to hideous weather and the election – I got to vote! And now let us never speak of that again.

Wales was nice, saw lots of castles and went for a trip round Ramsey Island where we saw seals and loads of beautiful sea birds. Hadn’t realised until we were in the boat and out on the water,  that Ramsey Sound is apparently one of the most dangerous stretches of water in the whole of the UK.  That was reassuring to hear whilst sitting in a boat on the open sea.

I managed to find time to do lots of knitting, some of it in really beautiful surrounds.

Lovely cup of tea and a sock!

Whilst on holidays I popped into Tenby post office to drop off a custom order of hats.

I loved making these. The lady who they went to has a head the same size as me and said she always got terrible headaches in the sun because she couldn’t find a decent hat. And now she has two!

She chose some GORGEOUS fabrics,  red and purple cord on the outside and some fabulous Willow Grove fabrics on the inside. I hear they’ve arrived safe and sound and are well loved already. Huzzah!

Came home feeling all happy and rejuventated from a week without my sewing machine. Then proceeded to park myself at the sewing machine and made loads of hats, some new bibs and a handbag all ready for tomorrow.

Which is now today because it’s taken me so very long to write this entry!


Dulwich Festival Fair

Sunday, 9th May
Goose Green – East Dulwich Grove

Transport details can be found here.

Do come and say hello if you happen to be there, we’re really very friendly and always happy to say hi to new people.


PS It’s very nice to be home!


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