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Market catch up May 14, 2010

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Nearly a week has gone by since our last markets. Saturday night we attended the Misty Moon Exhibition Night at the Ladywell Tavern. It was perfectly placed for us, as it was very close to home. So between 6 and 10pm, we in the Tank Gallery behind the pub selling our wares. It was a quiet night but we were only there on the Saturday night whereas the event was also on Friday night as well. I was working on the Friday night so couldn’t be there on both of the nights.  We chatted to other stall holders and customers. I sold 4 things which covered the cost of the table – all Lego, and all to people from a single group of friends!

Scott and I hadn’t been in the Tank Gallery before so it was interesting to see the space that they have. It is custom made for art exhibition and upstairs Tim was displaying his artwork for both of the nights.

Our table at Ladywell

Another stall holder we’ve come to know quite well through various markets is Michael. He makes these amazing lamps using old comics. His company is MDL Thomson Design. Here is his table and he does do custom orders:

MDT Design

🙂 Alex


7 Responses to “Market catch up”

  1. Lisa Hafey Says:

    Yes, I met Michael at the Misty Moon do at St Hilda’s – lovely chap!

  2. crafts outrageous Says:

    So yet another Misty Moon event that was not a success and he had a go at me when I dared to say that his craft event in the church was a big disappointment for us and that we sold nothing.

    • Hi Val,

      I disagree that it was not a success. For us, it’s really not only about the money we make. It’s about the contacts and the recognition that we are gaining from attending these. When you’re starting a small business, it can’t all be about the money. While it’s nice (obviously!!), if we want a customer base ( & loyal customers) we need to be out chatting to people, giving out our cards, and talking to other stallholders. This philosophy may not work for everyone, but it’s working for us so far!


  3. I was at this event on both nights and did well on the Friday and have since had two commissions from being there on the saturday night, therefore exceeding my table money and also gaining a profit.
    It was built as an artists exhibition, more than a craft fair.

    • Hiya Jen,
      well done on the commissions! That’s great news :->
      That’s always the thing with markets, isn’t it, you can never tell how they will be or what may come of them. While it’s always frustrating to have a quiet night, you never know whether you’ll give your card to someone who then comes back and orders online or passes your details on.

  4. crafts outrageous Says:

    Yes but Jen is it not your husband that runs the event, so you win win every time. Agree it is not always about the money but as I sell ready made items I dont have the luxury of relying in commission sales so yes not even making back my table money is a big deal to me, where as your table costs are absorbed by your husband and yourself making a profit from running the event (which I assume you do) otherwise you would not be in business.

  5. Guys,
    I’m putting my mod hat on and calling an offical Time Out on this one.
    I respect that people’s feelings have been very hurt over this particular topic and that this is a very sensitive issue.
    However the comments section of our blog is not the place to have this particular discussion.

    Alex and I choose to continue to participate in the Misty Moon Fairs and to blog about our experiences there. That is our choice, this is our blog. I understand that others may choose differently and have their reasons for doing so.

    This is not the place to air frustrations or to discuss this topic.

    Any further comments along these lines will be deleted.
    I don’t want to censor people on either side of this debate, but I also don’t want our blog to become a place that is unpleasant or unwelcoming for any one.
    I’m sorry if this offends any one or hurts any one’s feelings. Alex and I are trying our best to be fair and impartial in all this but ultimately, this is our blog so we have to set the guidelines.


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