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The Delights of Dulwich May 14, 2010

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Following on from Alex’s post about Misty Moon, here’s my take on our day out at the Dulwich Festival Fair: it was awesome.

What? You want more?

Alex arrived bright and early at my house and for once didn’t catch me sitting at the sewing machine sewing up last minute bits and pieces, panicking about not having enough stock.

(Mostly because I got up early and got that side of things out of the way so she wouldn’t catch me! I am crafty, no?)

Jake gave us and our massive groaning crates of stock a lift over to Goose Green, we found our tables and set up shop:

It was pretty busy even while we were setting up, there were so many other stall holders and so many lovely things on sale. At the end of our row was a stall selling amazing Mexican food. I may or may not have stuff myself on red rice, salsa and quite a few quesadillas over the course of the day. I can neither confirm nor deny it.

Next to us were the delightful ladies from the Make HQ. They were telling us that they’ll be stocking lots of Clothkits kits – they kept pointing people to our stall all day because I was wearing my Trellick Towers skirt, so I had to keep flashing people all afternoon!

First sale of the day was 3 lovely hats, including the black Flutterby one that I had listed a while ago. 2 of them had only just been finished especially for the day, so I’m really glad I got myself in gear to get them all done.

Once we got the first sale of the day, the sales kept rolling. We sold lots of Lego tile cufflinks – definitely one of our bestsellers – lots of baby bibs and we even got a new custom hat order. (Which I will be making up tonight and sending out tomorrow morning, in case you’re reading, Claire.)

I’ve been reading The Pocket Book of Superstitions of The British Isles this week and it’s got a really interesting section on luck rituals, expecially ones to do with money and markets. Apparently there were a whole range of rituals that market traders and buyers used to do, including spitting on the first money taken in the day to ensure it stayed with you. We didn’t do any of that, but we still had a tremendously lucky day.

We’ve got a few more local dates lined up over the summer which we’re really excited about. It’s so nice to do stuff in our own backyard and it’s always great to meet other local arts and crafts type people. Coming up in the next few weeks we’ve got the following:

Saturday 5th June

Brockley Max: Full program for the festival is available from the Brockley Max website, but we’re doign the Art Mart which will be taking place in Hilly Fields. Really excited about that one!

Sunday 6th June

Forest Hill Day 1 – 6pm

Horniman Museum Gardens

100 London Road, London, SE23 3PQ

There will be loads of exciting stuff on at both events: art, music, food, loads of stalls, lots of interactive stuff for the sproglets to do. Well worth a look. And as always, we’ll be there, being fabulous, so drop by and say hi!

Now, I must go and crack on with doing prosaic every day things such as feeding my offspring, putting them to bed and then I have a wild evening of  sewing (and Buffy) planned. I know how to live on the wild side.


Horniman Museum Gardens

100 London Road, London, SE23 3PQ

Sunday 6th June, 1-6pm


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