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A little housekeeping May 15, 2010

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I write this post with heavy heart. I really hate having to pull on my clompy boots and put on my moderator hat but I need to make a couple of things clear about this space and how it works.

First and foremost, this is our blog, Alex and Sarah, writing about our crafty endeavours, our successes and failures as we attempt to make our business work. We try to keep this space positive and reasonably light hearted. Of course we have bad days and I think it’s important that we are honest about that, while trying to find the positive side. Because if you look close enough there usually is a positive side to most things in life. Things can always be worse and they will usually get better.

We try not to be negative or ‘unprofessional’ when talking about things which may not have been as successful  as we might have hoped or dreamed. It doesn’t make anything better and there are enough places where we can vent our frustrations in real life.  We try to be honest about our failures as much as about our successes while remaining cheerful and looking on the bright side. That’s who we are, that’s what we try to get across in our blog.

We love having the comments section on our blog because we do genuinely love to hear what you guys think. We want this blog to be interactive, we want it to be friendly and welcoming and we want to hear your ideas and opinions. We leave comments on other people’s blgos all the time, the online craft community can only be a community if there is dialogue between us. There’s no point to writing/crafting in a vaccuum.

That said (and here comes the Teacher Voice) this is our blog and there are some things which we can not (and will not) tolerate on here. So, some ground rules, people.

Personal attacks, whether aimed towards us or towards other specific people or businesses,  are NOT PERMITTED under any circumstances. Full stop. End of story. We understand that feelings run high sometimes and frustration is inevitable when people feel things are not working for them.  However personal attacks are just unacceptable.If we see it, we’ll delete it.

Likewise, sniping back and forward about things is just not going to happen here. There are plenty of forums where you can get this kind of thing off your chests, people, this is not one of them. We’d like people to keep things polite and good natured round here.

Promoting your own business in the comments is not on either. If you’re a crafter or you have a blog or an event or whatever to promote and you think we might be interested, by all means send us an email or tweet us or something. We’re always featuring other people’s work on here and we love to help fellow crafters as much as possible, heck it’s one of the things I personally love about the whole handmade movement. We help each other out whereever we can and that’s awesome. But ultimately, this blog is our space and we get to choose what we promote.

I don’t want to be all heavy handed and grumpy about this but there have been a few comments lately on a particular subject which have really begun to push our buttons. I should stress, nothing nasty aimed at us, nothing particularly unpleasant but it’s enough to make us want to clear the air and remind people that this is, ultimately, our space.

If you can’t respect our guidelines then please, please, don’t post in the comments. Go knit yourself a voodoo doll or punch a pillow till you feel a bit better, but please don’t bring the angry here. Okay?

Lecture over. About your business people. Have a lovely rest of the weekend. Personally I am off to snuggle on the sofa with my noisy infants and perhaps peruse something from the back catalogue of a certain large animation company starting with ‘D’.



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