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Just a general rambling update May 16, 2010

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It’s been a fairly productive weekend.

Jake (my husband) was away which meant once the kids were in bed, I could sew, sew, sew to my heart’s content. So I got loads done. I can’t show you any pictures though because it’s all secret stuff for Knit Nation.  But I got 10 shiny new pieces done and I can’t wait until I can unveil them. I think our knitterly friends are going to like them.

Alex and Scott were off to the Lego shop today to source some new bits and pieces for the Science Museum ( and for  general use. Alex loves Lego almost as much as I love fabric!) and for a well-deserved trip to the cinema.

In preparation for Knit Nation (and for all the summer fairs we’re doing too) we’ve been busily buying up fabric left, right and centre. I just found a site that has Alexander Henry fabric for £6.99 a metre which seems very cheap to me. So I may have lost all restraint and purchase some for myself. Ahem.

The enabler in me forces me to share the linkage: here. The majority of the fabric on the site is not to my taste – I don’t really do kittens and bears – but it’s totally worth checking out if you like the more gothic Alexander Henry prints as they have a few of those.

My work here is done.

Now, I’m going back to my knitting. I had to unravel the whole of my Little Black Cardigan the other day because it was about three sizes too big. (Those of you out there muttering “Should have done a swatch” can take your swatch and stick it up your collective noses!)  So all my hard work is now a gigantic black ball of slightly crinkly yarn which I am now re-knitting as a February Lady Sweater. I checked on Ravelry and this yarn is one of the reccommended ones for the pattern – whcih I’ve made before anyway – so I foresee less problems with this one. Sigh. Famous last words, eh. We shall see.

I envision a nice quiet evening of relaxing on the sofa with my knitting, a cup of tea and perhaps an episode or two of Supernatural. Which means that I will almost certainly actually spend the evening sitting on the floor with a gigantic pile of fabric and my lovely new Janome shears. (Oh my goodness, never knew how much you could love a pair of scissors. So worth the money.) Busy, busy.



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