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Shamelessly enabling your stash building May 17, 2010

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I’ve been busy giving our bank account a work out. It was looking all pale and flabby and really in need of a bit of exercise, so we’ve purcahse more Lego and I’ ve been on a bit of a fabric bender. Everything will get used up and hopefully find its way to a new and appreciative home soon, so I’m not feeling any kind of guilt over our collective purchasing. It’s not like I’m sitting on my hoard, muttering “the precious fabric, oh the precioussss” or anything. (Alex, shh.)

Anyway, given how difficult it can be to find good sources of fabric, I thought I’d share a few of the ones I’ve been using, thus enabling you all to go out and keep the British economy rolling. Or something. (Actually, I’d be really curious to see a breakdown of how the crafty part of the economy has been faring during recent times. I see no sign of people’s stash building on Ravelry slowing down!)


Fabric Rehab, obviously. I can’t praise these guys enough. Awesome selection and amazingly fast delivery times. I spend half my life on there, drooling over the pretties.

Gaga Fabrics are great too. (I think they may be linked to Fabric Inspirations as well, who also have a great range of fabric on their site.) I’ve just ordered some stuff from there and I’ve used them in the past and found them to be really reliable. They stock quite a few of the fabrics that F.R. have but they also have a few that are harder to find, like some of the Alexander Henry Day of the Dead themed prints. Worth a visit.

Fabulous*Fabric I love these guys. I have bought loads of stuff from them on Ebay (I am ashamed to say I only just realised they actually have their own website. *forehead slap*) and they have a really great selection. Fast delivery and just really fab stuff. And they have a bricks and mortar shop too, if you happen to be in Birmingham.

I buy quite a bit of our fabric on Ebay and three of the sellers I go back to time and again are:

Fiddlesticks Fabrics This shop tends to stock a more general range of fabric, not really a huge number of the Current Big Name Designers (although  there are a few in there) but just good solid quilting fabric. I’ve gotten quite a few lovely polka dots or simple botanical designs from here. Really good value and good service too.

Quality Fabrics 4 U Lisa sticks an ENORMOUS range of fabric. Seriously, just enormous. I can easily spend two or three hours going through her site and not see everything she has. She usually has some great offers on and everything I’ve bought from her has arrived quickly and been fab.

I am a bit of an addict when it comes to Japanese fabric and the last seller I’m going to share is a treasure trove of gorgeous Japanese linens, Sevenberry fabric, lovely gingham and a wide range of quirky fun bits and bobs from the States too.  Fabric Garden Slightly more expensive than some of the other shops but as a Special Treat, totally worth it. And again, always arrives within a day or so of purchase and has always been really helpful when I’ve asked. She does have her own website too but I’ve always bought through Ebay. Shop’s on holiday until the start of June but always worth a visit if you want something really special.

So there you have it. Between all of these guys it is perfectly possibly to construct an amazingly enormous mountain of fabulousness. Ask me how I know. Knock yourselves out, kids!

And now, Alex and I have to get back to the salt mines work. Alex has been interfacing stuff like a woman possessed and she’s now settling down to an afternoon of putting things on wires and being beaten up by my children. I’m about to bring my sewing machine into the lounge room and get cracking, in a sociable fashion. It’s nice to have company whilst we’re working!



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