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Sewing By Numbers May 28, 2010

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I think I may have cracked how to streamline my sewing on the yarn bags.

They were taking me forever because I was doing each one as a separate whole process. By breaking the bags down into a number of freestanding sections e.g. pocket, side seam with opening, other side seams, base, I can then sit down and sew all the pockets for all the bags I have cut out. Then all the side seams with openings, etc etc etc.

Because my hands begin to have muscle memory for the task they’re performing, it becomes quicker and easier than sewing each bag as a discreet whole. If that makes sense.

It’s like marking exam papers. Break it down so you mark all the responses to Question One, then go back to the beginning and mark all of the next question and so on. Seems like it should take longer but because you don’t have to constantly change gears between processes, it’s much, much quicker.

I can’t show you pictures of the stuff I’ve made over the last couple of weeks but I did want to show you some more general pictures of some of the bits we’ll have on offer at Knit Nation. We’ve been really tweaking all our designs and figuring out what works and what needed improving and we’re pretty happy with the results.

Here’s a small selection: a tall yarn pouch – long enough to fit your straight needles and big enough to fit a jumper’s worth of yarn; a short yarn pouch, intended for sock or lace knitting; a zippered purse, sized to fit a project and needles or just to store your tools; and a needle roll.

These are a few of the smaller yarn pouches we’ve been making. We’ve designed them to stand up by themselves. They are reversible and each one has a wee pocket inside for sock needles/notions. They’re fairly generously sized, so you can fit your notebook and so forth in there too.

Next up, the tall pouches. These are long enough to hold a pair of straight needles – we sized them for the longer length of needles – and you can fit an awful lot of stuff into one of these babies.

That’s my Tubey you can see in the pictures. I’m busy re-knitting it because it was a little shapeless round the middle bits. The curse of knitting to fit one’s chest.

Anyway, enough of my ample figure, more shiny things.

Needle rolls:

We designed these to fit circular needles. Every one we spoke to about needle rolls kept saying that they couldn’t find ones that would fit their circular needles. Our ones do!

There is a second row of pockets hidden behind the outer pocket too, so you can fit double the amount of needles in there. Plus, at the side you have some smaller pockets designed for either sock needles or if you have interchangeable needles, you can store the needle tips in there. Neat!

Last up are the zippered purses. We’re doing these in a variety of sizes. Some are small enough for a skein of sock yarn and your needles, some are long enough for a set of straight needles and yarn.

All are made in glorious, glorious fabrics!

So there you have it. There’s a few things which we’re holding back as surprises when we get to Knit Nation. And apart from what’s already listed in the shops, I probably won’t be listing anything new before the show as it seems somewhat redundant! So, if you want to see what we’ve got up our sleeves you’ll have to come visit us in our little booth.

We’ve been buying up more fabric than I thought was humanly possible over the last few months and trying to get a fairly wide selection to suit most tastes. It’s quite difficult because I think fabric inspires quite a visceral response in people. Whenever I sell people a hat or bag, it’s usually because they’ve seen the fabric and just  loved it. I find it difficult to distance myself and switch off my own personal tastes when buying fabric.

For example, there’s just no way in Hell I am ever going to buy this but there’s clearly a market for it because there are over 500 listings if you search for Elvis and fabric. And actually the lime green poster style Elvis head print is almost appealing…

Um. Hi.

I think I may need to go have a shower and lie down in a dark room for a bit.



3 Responses to “Sewing By Numbers”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    I have six different Elvis fabrics.

  2. Lisa Goldzieher Says:

    Hi Sarah,
    these all look fabulous!! Great to see all the new creations. I was wondering if you wanted some work? If you are up to your eye balls in work I understand if you don’t have the time.
    Good luck with the big expo!!!

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