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Happy Day June 5, 2010

Filed under: markets — thebotheredowl @ 9:38 pm

Had a wonderful day today. Proper details after our insanely busy day tomorrow is over – I will shortly be repairing to the backroom to finish off a couple of hats I luckily had lying about from the other day.

But I just wanted to very quickly say that there are few things that make me happier than standing on our stall and seeing people wandering past wearing/using something we’ve made! The young girl who bought a pair of dangly Lego block earrings and spent ten minutes putting them on using our mirror – that made me smile quite a lot. Seeing quite a few small children running about wearing very familiar sun hats, that made me smile even more! My mother-in-law came and helped out on the stall a bit this afternoon and kept us company. She popped off to the playground with the kids at one point and proudly told me that she spotted several kids running about in hats I’d made. That was a nice feeling.

Really looking forward to tomorrow. If it is anything like today, it will be fantastic.



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