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Sneaky Peek June 7, 2010

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All of us are exhausted – Scott worked the stall with us on Sunday and carried stuff for us on Saturday, Jake had the kids and the kids had Jake. Alex and I stood on our feet for two days straight, drank an awful lot of iced water and squash, danced to some awesome music whilst dispensing handmade goodies left right and centre, gave out a bajillion business cards, took in some custom orders (including 2 hats for the lovely Heike who was in charge of the stalls at Brockley Max), met some amazingly delightful people and some how managed to not get sunburn or collapse in a heap from exhaustion. And in addition to all the fun we had, loads of people went home with shiny new items made by us. Which is always a good thing!

I know Alex took lots of photos and she will almost certainly do a more detailed post at some point but I just wanted to say that I had a fantastic time. As always, if you were one of the people who popped by the stall and said hi or commented on our wares or even bought something from us, thank you very much! Chatting with the lovely folks who wander past is one of the things that makes our job so much fun.

And we even had a few repeat customers, including one of the lovely girls who bought earrings for her friend who was getting her ears pierced. She stopped by to let us know that the earrings were a hit. Which put a big smile on our faces.

Also putting a smile on our faces today is the fact that we just dropped off our first ever wholesale bag order to IKnit!

The lovely folks at IKnit have taken 10 of each of our knitting designs which I believe will be available in the shop and possibly on the website fairly soon.

That includes the new super secret designs which we were going to be unveiling at Knit Nation. If you want to get a sneak peek at them and possibly even buy one for yourself before any one else gets their hands on them, you should be able to see them at IKnit fairly soon.

I took photos of everything before we dropped it off, so I’ll post pictures later.

And now I need to go collapse in a heap. I have a bunch of custom orders to sort out this week – 3 hats and a knitting bag – and Alex has about a million Lego men to put on wires, so it may be a little quiet round here over the next little while. We shall see…



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