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Sneaky Peek Part 2: They Came With Cameras June 8, 2010

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I did promise I would try to get some photos of the pieces we took into IKnit and despite massive technofailogicality (hee hee, neologism!) here they are. Click on each photo for an explanation of what each one is.

We delivered 10 of each of these designs to IKnit, along with 10 of each size of yarn pouch, tall and small, in a huge variety of fabrics. There are a few matching items mixed in there but on the whole we tried to give a fairly wide range.

And I’ve just listed one new fold out envelope on Folksy as a trial. Check it out and see what you think. Once I get my computer woes sorted out I’ll try and pop a few more bits and pieces up there, but at the moment it’s a wee mite tricky to get at all the photos I’ve taken, since one computer is dead and the other has a non-functional SD card slot. Bloody technology!

And now, to bed.



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