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I love my job June 14, 2010

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Seriously. What other job can you think of where I’d get to spend all day surrounded by fabric, chatting and mucking about with one of my best friends,  playing with my kids and making stuff that will hopefully make people very happy? All the while listening to trashy 80s and 90s hard rock, punk, ska, indie…

Yes, we have a lot of work to do but holy cats, are we ever having fun!

And at some point you may actually get a proper blog entry from one of us. One of these days when we manage to cross the slopes of Mount Knit Nation and safely abseil down the other side. Of course, if you don’t hear from us in the next few months, send a husky, we’re probably buried under a fabr-avalanche in my back room, being slowly mummified.

Now, I must return to my sewing. Sewing and Billy Idol. Sigh.



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