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Folksy Friday – Science Fiction June 18, 2010

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Welcome to a special blog entry, as someone new has taken over the blog. Firstly a very quick introduction. My name is Scott and I am the partner of the Alex Half of The Bothered Owl. You will quite often see me at markets and I also tend to do a bit of schlepping of stock. I am not very crafty, but enjoy the markets and have made some great friends with fellow stallholders. So without further ado, here is my Folksy Friday, which will have a science fiction theme as I enjoy sci-fi of varying kinds.

Firstly is a lovely Doctor Who-inspired iPhone case made by CrankCases. I am not a big Doctor Who fan, but I know lots of people who are and I love the detail and the colour of this item.

Tardis Police Box Iphone Case

I thought I would have a look for Lord of the Rings items, as I really love the books. When I did a search, I found this made by Paperfaerie. Alex recycles Lego to make it into fabulous stuff and this item appealed as it is a lovely item from the pages of a book.

Lord of the Rings Book Ends

This amazing bag by Uniquely Different is made from a discontinued and hard to find fabric by Robert Kaufman featuring Frankenstein, The Mummy, Dracula and Wolfman along with the words “Monsters”, “The Fright” and “The Horror”! The fabric is really cool and I believe that Sarah would love this bag as well.

An awesome Monster Bag

The entire The Bothered Owl are huge Firefly and Serenity fans. On Folksy I found this Browncoats bookmark that has been made by Chocolate Monkey. It is a double-sided cross-stitch bookmark with brown felt backing. Features “Browncoat” stitched on one side, and “I aim to misbehave” on the other.

Firefly Bookmark

Being a Buffy and Angel fan, this customised stake by Dragon Paw is very quirky and perfect for putting on the mantle as a talking point or the perfect prop for conventions.

Customised Vampire Slayer Stake

Last, but by no means least, are these lovely hand knitted star trek meerkats, which are obviously made with lots of love. They stand up on their own as well. I am a big Trekkie and not afraid to admit it and my favourite of the television shows is Deep Space Nine so that is why I have chosen to link to Jadzia Dax.

Jadzia Dax Meerkat

That’s it from me this Friday. If you see me at a market please come and say hello.



4 Responses to “Folksy Friday – Science Fiction”

  1. Nicole Says:

    I want that monster bag omg.

  2. Thanks for featuring Dax! Not sure which is my favourite Trek incarnation (I watched the original series first time around) but my top episode ever is the DS9 Tribble homage, where the crew go back to Kirk’s time.

    • I know the episode well, I think I like DS9 the most simply because the smaller characters also have stories of their own that you learn throughout the series including Morn.

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