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Puuuuuuush! July 19, 2010

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I kind of feel like we’re in the third stages of a very protracted labour! We’ve been working towards Knit Nation for so long now and it’s next week and I’ve got 70 bits and pieces that I absolutely HAVE to get finished before then… It’s like we’ve been pushing for 36 hours now and the head’s stuck! I just want it OVER so we can metaphorically lie back and hopefully bask in the glow.

This week I have to finish: 23 foldout envelopes, 21 wide width envelopes, 15 tall yarn pouches and 11 needle rolls. If I get that done, I have 15 bucket bags to make and a bunch of zippered project purses to stitch. And a custom hat order to finish as well.

6 months ago the thought of having 70 items to make and only 9 days left to finish them would have sent me running screaming for the hills. Today, I’m looking at those heaps of fabric and taking a deep breath ready for that final push. I can totally do this!



4 Responses to “Puuuuuuush!”

  1. Mary Says:

    Yes you can!!!!!

  2. Stacey-Ann Says:

    You most certainly can! Go, go, go!

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