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Folksy Friday – Music July 23, 2010

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In the lead up to Knit Nation, one of the things that has kept us sane through a lot of sewing and drilling has been music. So this gave me the idea for a Folksy Friday based on music.

The first item is this brilliant cake stand made from real 78 records which I have bought. Our theme for Knit Nation is a tea party – tea cups, toast racks and other items – and this cake stand is cute and quirky and would fit in nicely.

Having worked in an office, this snack coaster is a great idea or a lovely gift and I really like the musical note fabric.

I really like this treble clef hook, it looks really well made and would look really lovely to hang instrument straps, leads, and light jackets on. The wood crafting on this looks fantastic and Scott is hoping that they make a Bass Clef one.

I am putting this one on the Folksy Friday list because not only do I like the door stop but also because we are using the same fabric for some of the items that we are making for Knit Nation.

This is something a little different. It’s a Mail Organiser made out of recycled vinyl. This is something that I think that we could use to help organise our mail sometimes. Like the cake stand and the coasters I love the imagination that it takes to something like a vinyl record and turn it into something with a different purpose.

The final item is another reclaimed craft item and is a set of vinyl coasters. These stylish coasters are made from genuine vinyl 12″ record. Finished in hardwearing resin and backed with non-slip cork.

Righto. Let normal service resume. I must get back to preparations for Knit Nation and work on keeping nerves in check and keeping stress about whether the amount of stock that we have is enough or not down to a minimum.



4 Responses to “Folksy Friday – Music”

  1. Gemma Says:

    I love the repurposed vinyl items too. Great musicy finds

  2. marice Says:

    love the snack coaster, what a fab idea, great finds ;0)

  3. Nova Says:

    Hey – thanks for the coasters mention – great selection of some imaginative uses for old vinyl – I love the cake stand too!

  4. pen Says:

    I used to do that with my old LP’s and singles!!!! Cool

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