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Knit Nation – The Market Preview July 29, 2010

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Today was the market preview of Knit Nation and so the three of us (Alex, Sarah and Scott) after months of preparation, worry and excitement were finally on our way to the event.

This morning started with our cab driver Michael picking us up at 8.30am, he is someone who lives locally and we had seen his cab in their driveway. A few nights ago Alex knocked on his door and he gave us his card and we were more than pleased to be able to give our business to a local person.

The boxes before we left

We had allowed us plenty of time in case there were traffic jams and of course because we had allowed time for traffic jams there was not one in sight, it was absolutely amazing. So we got there very early and had enough time to find our stall, put the goodies down and go and find a hot drink.

We put the stall together, including the putting together of flat packed furniture which Scott cursed about under his breath a few times about when things wouldn’t line up.

We think that the stall looked wonderful and our theme was to make the stall look like an afternoon tea.

From around 4.30pm there was a line outside of the door for the 5pm opening and as the time got closer, our nerves increased. The doors opened at 5pm and there was a stampede to Rohrspatz & Wollmeise who are a very well known yarn company, who’s yarn is quite difficult to come by. Scott managed to take these photos but was not game to go any closer.

There was lots of squeeing over our goodies and quite a few people recognised our name and sought us out knowing that we were going to be there. This really made our day as it means people like we do and want to see it in person. We got loads of compliments and positive feedback as well as making some sales. One lady we had at our stall this evening had come from Canada not only for the event but for a holiday but the really special thing for us was that she had orders to buy our Lego stitch markers  not only for herself but three of her friends in Canada had put orders. You couldn’t wipe the smile of my face after that.

The market is open Friday from 11am to 8pm and Saturday 10am to 6pm and is in the Sherfield Building at Imperial College, it is definitely worth coming and having a look at all the shinies and saying hello to us.


2 Responses to “Knit Nation – The Market Preview”

  1. Pinneguri Says:

    Thanks for sharing stories and pictures 😀

  2. Kate Says:

    Don’t sell everything tomorrow! Save some goodies for those of us coming up on Saturday!

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