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Last post before… You Know What July 29, 2010

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It’s here.

The day we’ve been working towards since some time in February when Alex brought a couple of sheets of paper over to my house and said, innocently, “I think we should do this. It looks like it would be fun.”

I feel kind of weird about it. It’s been this huge looming Thing on the horizon for so long, ticking off months to go at first and then gradually ticking off weeks, feeling the excitement – and if I’m honest, panic – rising as the blank spaces on my calendar got closer to the ones marked: Knit Nation HOLY CRAP!

We’ve learned a lot over the last few months.

We’ve learned:

*that Alex can make 940 stitch markers over the course of a day without her arms falling off.

*all the words to the Astro Boy theme tune. (Seared into both our brains over the last three days.)

*that sewing over your finger with a sewing machine needle is a Bad Thing To Do.

*the words to many cheesy 80s and 90s records. God bless you, Last Fm.

* that finding somewhere that sells interfacing by the roll is a joyous thing.

* it is  possible to sew 100 items in a week.

We’ve learned a lot more than that but frankly my brain is beginning to fill with pre-market numbness and anxiety and I need to go have breakfast and do my pre-market ritual, which involves me just sewng one last seam before I go…

If you’re coming along to Knit Nation, do please stop by and say hi to us. We’re very friendly and we promise (mostly) not to peck or bite.



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