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Quick Impression July 31, 2010

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Just quickly checking in before I head out to join Alex and Scott.

I got sent home yesterday afternoon with a couple of custom orders and instructions to make up as much of our geeky fabric as possible. Having got on a roll, I kept sewing until 4am. So when Alex and Scott swung by this morning at Insanely Early O’Clock and I opened the door in my pjs with my hair in skew-wiff pigtails and giant puffy eyes, they petted me on the head, took my bag of geeky treats and told me to go back to bed.

I’ve napped a bit but I’m too wired with excitement about Knit Nation to really sleep much more, so I thought I’d pop over and write down some of my highlights of the show so far before I forget!

So, some of the best moments so far:

  • chatting with the lovely Marjorie from Canada. She came to see us on Friday with instructions from her friends back home to pick them up stitch markers. She told us about her time living in Australia, in Alice Springs and a bit about her life. And she bought a tonne of stitch markers. And then she came back to see us again yesterday and picked up some more.
  • Meeting Susan from Athens and chatting about knitting needles. I think Scott may have thought we were all a leetle loopy!
  • Spending time yesterday with two ladies from Germany and helping them choose their knitting bags. They were so lovely! They went through every single bag in the box, because they were looking for just the right fabric. They didn’t know what it was yet, but they’d know it when they saw it. We chatted about knitting and yarn and fabric and how beautiful things speak to the soul. When the one lady got to the bag that was perfect for her (a super cute hedgehog print) her whole face just lit up. I love those moments!
  • chatting with the other stallholders around us. The lovely ladies from the Knitting and Crochet Guild are across the way from us and keep us (well, me) giggling all morning. Had a chat with the ladies from Pure Purl who are next to us, and Knitwitches.
  • Seeing all the excited faces on all the knitters/crocheters/spinners/whatevers as they go past.
  • The lady in the green satin top who walked past our stall on Friday, took a quick glance and whispered “AWESOME” under her breath.
  • The lovely gentleman yesterday who bought a Real Men Knit badge and told us of his loathing for socks. He made us chuckle.

It’s been a wonderful and slightly surreal experience, all in all. Alex and I, being knitters, have gone to an awful lot of shows over the last few years and we’re used to being on the other side of the counter. It’s a totally different experience when you’re vending, still mountains of fun but you suddenly understand how much time and effort goes into making those stalls look like works of art.

It’s also really funny for me, because I’ve seen a lot of the vendors at so many shows that they feel really familiar. I’ve bought stuff off quite a few of them before and chattered to them at other shows and now here we are on the same side of the counter as them as stallholders.

Right, enough musing. I’m going to wake myself up a bit more with a shower and then jump on a train and head back to the fray.  If you’re coming along today, remember to come and say hi and have lots of fun!



2 Responses to “Quick Impression”

  1. Elena. Says:

    Dear Sarah,
    being one of the “ladies from Germany” I have to tell you what very nice people you are, too. It was so much fun searching through all your bags, one more beautiful than the other. I still have to smile thinking about it, especially after reading your sweet blog. My friend was the more talkative one but I enjoyed the time at your stall, too and wish you more of such nice encounters with customers as you posted about, and lots and lots of success.

    • Hi Elena
      I realised after you left the stall that I didn’t actually find out your names so I’m really glad you left this comment! Now I have a name to put to the memory :->
      I think one of my favourite things about this whole experience of Knit Nation was meeting so many friendly people. Everyone we met was just so lovely but there were a few, like yourselves, who stood out just because I got to chat with you for a little longer and so on. And I don’t think I will ever forget the look on your friend’s face when she saw that hedgehog bag!
      I hope you had a wonderful time with the rest of Knit Nation and the rest of your visit to London. Maybe we’ll meet again some time?

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