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I don’t know what to do with myself August 2, 2010

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Ooh, dramatic!

But really, I am at a bit of a loose end.  Knit Nation Preparation (oh, poetic) has been eating up every waking moment not taken up by changing nappies and feeding children, for the last 6 months! And now it’s all over.

I’ve been very well-behaved.

Apart from moving it to clean around it, I’ve not touched my machine since 4 am on Saturday morning. I’ve tidied away all my unfinished pieces into my work basket and haven’t been tempted to finish any of them off. I’ve packed away all my lining fabric in bags and put all my un-interfaced fabric away in the big cabinet. I’ve not even opened the two rolls of interfacing we bought the other day.

I’ve cleaned the kitchen, even scrubbing the floor. I’ve started reorganising the kids’ toy boxes and picking up random stray toys lurking about the house. I’ve read stories, done puzzles, drawn pictures, gone to the park.

I’ve even gone through my yarn stash, cleaned out my knitting basket and re-ordered all my yarn by whether it’s sock yarn or there’s enough to make a cardigan.

I found a U.F.O. lurking in the bottom of my stash box that’s been there since 2006, shortly after Orlaith was born. I’d completely forgotten it was there and I’ve thrown out the magazine the pattern came from. I’m not entirely sure why I thought knitting a cropped cardigan in sand/gold coloured yarn was a good idea, or what I’ll do with the yarn once I’ve frogged it. Maybe I’ll just keep it as an object lesson to myself in what not to knit.

This evening I mended my second favourite pair of hand-knitted socks. It took me hours to weave the holes shut.

But I feel like I’m doing all these things to distract myself from the big, glaring, gaping vacancy that is the lack of Knit Nation to prepare for. I’m already well and truly ready for the IKnit Weekender (which we are REALLY  looking forward to) and only have a few more pieces I want to put together for that, so what do I do with myself now it’s all over?

Really,  any suggestions? I guess I could start on the bathroom…



4 Responses to “I don’t know what to do with myself”

  1. fridica Says:

    Relax, girl! 🙂 You did a great job, reward yourself by doing *nothing* (can you imagine? 😉 That said, I do know that empty feeling, but it’ll go away soon, don’t worry.
    I actually came here to say I really had a great time chatting to you on Saturday and picking *the* perfect bag for myself. It was great meeting you and I hope your business keeps growing strong! And just if you wanted to check if I’m still happy with my project bag, have a quick glance on my blog – all will be clear 😉

    • *grin*
      The problem is I’m not very good at doing nothing! My fingers get twitchy. Plus, I’m missing all the happy smiling knitters wandering around.

      It was so lovely meeting you too, and I am so glad to see you’re so happy with your choice of bag! I left a comment on your post too. And thank you so much for all the sweet comments, it makes us feel so good about what we do and it’s such a confidence boost to keep going.

      Also, it’s nice to have a name to put to your face now, I don’t think I got your name the other day, so now when I remember Knit Nation I’ll know who you were, instead of just the lovely lady I chatted with. Hurrah!

  2. Just enjoy the peace and take time out with your two beautiful angels.

    It will soon get crazy, busy again I have already had emails about upcoming Christmas fairs. Imagine Summer isn’t yet over ………

    • Hey Selina!
      Ahh the Christmas rush, fun times!
      I hope it went well today with the workshop, sorry again about not being able to attend. Hopefully next time we’ll be able to get there.

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